2012 June - GCC on the GO


GraceBlood is proud to be supporting a seven-member team, "GraceBlood-on-the-GO," for the 2012 Global Corporate Challenge event.  The GCC is the world's largest and most exciting corporate health initiative.  Developed specifically for the workplace, the GCC is targetting the global health crisis resulting from longer workdays, sedentary occupations, and little or no exercise.  More than 180,000 participants from 90 countries and over 1,500 organizations are participating in this year's program.

The GCC has proven results and is endorsed by some of the largest organizations in the world and their CEOs.  The program increases staff fitness, promotes teamwork, fosters a positive competitive spirit, and supports the workforce to be active, healthy and more productive.

Each participant in the GCC receives a "Starter Pack" that includes two GCC pedometers (one is a backup.)  For 18 weeks each person wears a pedometer all, day, every day, and records their step count on-line each morning for the previous day.  Bicycling and swimming distances are also recorded.

The site records each team member's daily step count, computes personal and team averages, and plots the team's progression along a virtual tour of the world.  The more active each person is, the further they go, the healthier they become, the more productive their organization becomes.  Participants are also encouraged to look at their eating habits; they are supported to change to a healthier diet with daily information and weekly eating plans provided by a nutritionist.

The World Health Organization, US Center for Disease Control, US Surgeon General, US Department of Health and Human Services, American Heart Foundation and the National Heart Foundation all recommend that individuals take 10,000 steps daily to improve their health and reduce the risk of disease.  (The average number of daily steps taken by workers before the GCC is 3,000.)  The GCC uses this 10,000 step recommendation and encourages participants to reach this target every day of the event.

After the first four weeks of participating, the GraceBlood-on-the-GO team's average number of daily steps is already over 13,000; our total miles walked or biked is more than 2.5 million!  We have found the GCC to be a great motivator and also great fun;  it makes daily exercise more conscious and keeps our team members engaged.

To read more about the program and possibly consider getting your business involved, visit:  GCC



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