2013 February - Supplier Enablement


Now that you have started integrating business transactions with your customers via EDI, you clearly recognize the benefits:  so much faster, more accurate, much more efficient.  When your customers send orders via EDI, they appear accurately in your backend systems without any manual intervention - saving time and money.  Likewise, integrated invoicing via EDI is easy, accurate, and, best of all, yields faster payment cycles.

Some of our clients have expanded their B2B processing to include outbound POs to their suppliers.  In some cases the suppliers requested or mandated EDI but it's possible for you, as a customer, to reach out to your suppliers and enable them to realize the same benefits of electronic trading that you do such as:  reduced supply chain costs, improved invoice tracking, reduced order processing costs, fewer manual processes, and improved communications.  For you, supplier enablement extends the value of your company's internal IT investments into your trading communities - reducing your procurement costs and expanding the ROI on your investments.

Supplier Enablement is simply the process of connection:  connecting suppliers to your company's supply chain.  Suppliers are connected electronically and indirectly to your back-office systems to exchange critical business documents such as POs, invoices, advance ship notices, reports of product activity, and other pertinent information.  Sometimes customers, as you know, mandate EDI from suppliers; you may not be comfortable with a mandate but would feel comfortable issuing an invitation to your suppliers to trade electronically.  Some of your larger suppliers are actually already EDI Capable and would probably appreciate knowing that your company is also capable and interested.  Other smaller suppliers may not have EDI capability but would view your invitation as an opportunity to expand their B2B capabilities.

But, how to proceed?  GraceBlood, in collaboration with their partners in the Liaison community, offers Supplier Enablement Programs (SEPs) that can assist you in profiling your suppliers to help them identify and implement the rights solution for their organization - and consequently, for yours.

Read more about a real-life example of a successful supplier implementation at Hugh M. Cunningham Company, a GraceBlood customer. 



What GRACEBLOOD Clients are saying...

"For past few years, GraceBlood provided Castec with exceptional service. I commend you and your staff for a job well done and needless to say, for our future EDI projects, you will be contacted."


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