2013 June - B2B Means Business


It’s a challenging world today: responding to ever-increasing demands from customers; figuring out when it makes sense to implement new technologies; working with more distant suppliers; even keeping up with ever-changing acronyms – all while trying to grow your business. 

Of course, it’s an exciting time too:  we have a vast variety of technology resources to meet these challenges.B2B, “business-to-business” commerce, calls on business owners to be quick, to be innovative, to forge new collaborations with customers and suppliers – all while managing costs and resources.  It’s hard to know whether and when to upgrade ERP systems; it’s hard to know what to run on premises or in the cloud; it’s hard to know what to operate internally and what to outsource to experts;  it’s hard to worry about data integrity as well as data security; it’s hard to know when you need a different, better EDI/B2B solution.  You are not alone:  these are complex issues, and can be costly and time-consuming – when all you really want is business-to-business efficiency and on-going success. Some of the answers for your B2B challenges that GraceBlood can help you meet include:

  • How to trade business documents without manual entry
  • The ability to send and receive data the way your customer demands
  • A high level of automation for routine activity
  • Quick visibility for responding to item, stock and delivery exceptions
  • An efficient path to move beyond labor-intensive tasks on Web portals
  • The ability to accommodate any transaction required by your customer
  • Reliable 24/7 communications for sending/receiving data from any partner
  • Flexible and secure communications protocols
  • Choices in service management: on-premise, self-operated or managed by GraceBlood; or hosted, managed services to better control costs so you can focus on your business
  • Wisdom and support for migrating to a new ERP system or to the cloud
  • Advice and support on retiring legacy applications and systems
  • Ways to best leverage existing system investments
  • Development of phased project plans to match your resources with your desired outcomes
  • Targeted trading partner recruitment


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