2013 October - GraceBlood Client Challenges - SOLVED!


Are you confronted with a trading challenge that seems formidable?  Has one of your customers recently changed the rules and asked you to comply … or else?  Have you lost staff and are not looking forward to hiring and training expenses?   Are you changing ERP systems and worried about being able to seamlessly continue to exchange documents with your partners? 

Good news:  GraceBlood loves the challenge of supporting their clients through change.

Some recent efforts with our clients highlight the flexibility and skills our long experience in B2B/EDI can bring to your table.

Thorlabs, Inc. had been meeting customer requirements for electronic transactions by accessing customer or aggregator websites.  Thorlabs wanted to eliminate double-entry activities and address these expanding business opportunities by direct trading with their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX.  The project involved dozens of trading partners including many university centers.  Using Columbus Global’s EDI module for AX, Trading Post Central (TPC), and GraceBlood’s Managed Services for translation and communication, Thorlabs is now able to meet requests for B2B integration from within AX while minimizing the use of diverse websites.

Capitol Distribution Company,  uses Infor SX.e., supported by Infor rep, DSA.   Capitol’s challenge was to implement a new EDI system with three Kroger plants receiving orders (EDI 850) and returning invoices (EDI 810) integrated to their  SX.e system.  DSA asked for GraceBlood’s assistance in creating the SX.e maps and working with Capitol on setting up item cross reference tables.  Capitol capped it off with GraceBlood Managed Services for worry-free, off-premises answer.

Pioneer Industrial recently migrated from an in-house ERP system to the cloud-based leader, NetSuite.  While previously processing integrated EDI documents using Gentran Director, Pioneer’s new ERP system lacked similar integration capabilities.  With Managed Services and a third-party integration add-on for NetSuite, GraceBlood built integrated mapping for inbound orders and outbound invoices in the GraceBlood cloud.  Overall this keeps staff in NetSuite and saves time.

Lisy Corp also migrated to a different back-end system – QuickBooks.  With one demanding trading partner, Walmart, Lisy made outbound invoices via screen entry in Gentran Director – a labor-intensive and error-inducing process.  Lisy asked GraceBlood for a way to integrate QuickBooks to Gentran for a seamless, accurate and timely outbound invoicing procedure.  GraceBlood used a third-party add-on to extract invoice information from QuickBooks and created a job to massage the resulting file for import into Gentran and subsequent scheduled delivery via AS2 to Walmart.  This freed up an EDI data entry person and ensured consistent compliance.

TVC Communications (a division of Wesco International) faced the challenge of trading with a new, large customer running on Ariba, after losing IT staff.  Further, to build on the extensive electronic trading primarily done with suppliers, they were tasked with adding even more customers.  They asked GraceBlood to take over their EDI services, handle the implementation of new customers, develop new maps as needed, and fine tune a struggling EDI system.  GraceBlood’s team now remotely manages TVC’s B2B and helps them say “yes” to new partners.

GS Battery was preparing to upgrade their ERP system to Infor’s FACTS 7.8.  Working with leading Infor rep, Earnest & Associates, they chose an off-premises approach using a cloud-based server.  Prior to the FACTS upgrade GS Battery consulted with GraceBlood about how they might also improve their extensive B2B trading.  Faced with an aging on-premises system, GS Battery chose GraceBlood’s Managed Services to handle all of their B2B business, for both customers and third-party warehouses, and to be in place in advance of the FACTS upgrade.

Armstrong’s Cricket Farm has one very important trading partner, PetSmart, who sends a large batch of  orders every week.  PetSmart is implementing new requirements for vendors:  moving to a new version of the EDI documents and requiring all vendors to process electronic ship notices (EDI 856 documents.)  Armstrong’s requested GraceBlood’s assistance with meeting these new requirements and dealing with the ship notices from two rural distribution sites.  GraceBlood is working with Armstrong’s Vendor, Pitney Bowes, to build a nightly file of data from Armstrong’s sales orders merged with PB shipment data, to create the required EDI ship notices.   A migration to GraceBlood’s Managed Services, will further allow Armstrong’s to eliminate manual involvement with EDI processing tasks and also save money on the increased volume.


What GRACEBLOOD Clients are saying...

"For past few years, GraceBlood provided Castec with exceptional service. I commend you and your staff for a job well done and needless to say, for our future EDI projects, you will be contacted."


Farooq - Castec Inc - North Hollywood, CA