2013 December - Results of Customer Survey

Survey sent to 73 individuals at 62 companies:  37 people completed the survey (36/62=58%)

·         46% have worked with us for over five years

·         89% of respondents say that they are “Very Satisfied” with GraceBlood service overall; the rest  indicated “Satisfied”

100% of respondents strongly agree or agree that GraceBlood is “prompt,” “courteous & professional,” “knowledgeable,” “identifies issues & questions,” and “provides good value.”

94% of respondents say they are “Very Likely” (score 10 or 9) to continue doing business with GraceBlood;  1 respondent scored “8” & 1 respondent scored “7” on this answer.

100% of respondents issued 9s or 10s on the 1-10 scale as “likely to recommend GraceBlood to others.”

Responses on how GraceBlood can help achieve more ROI on EDI and B2B investments include:

-          32% - help us move more of our customers to EDI/electronic documents

-          27% - help us integrate more electronic documents to our system

-          24% - help us explore how to improve our on-premises EDI capabilities

-          16% - help us move more of our suppliers to EDI/electronic documents

-          11% - help us pursue new customers by advertising our capabilities

-          8% -  help us explore how to move from on-premise EDI to hosted managed services

-          5% -  help us pursue opportunities with carriers and third party logistics providers

-          19% - other (with comments)

We have read and are considering every comment made on the survey.  We appreciate all of the specific suggestions as well as the words of praise.  You can be assured that we will work to address your interests in 2014.  We got a laugh over a few of the more humorous suggestions about something we could do that would be better for your company, for example:

Join us for Friday afternoon drinks at Neiman Marcus.  (thanks for the invitation, Jim)

Send us chocolates once in a while.” (thanks for the good idea, Bernadette)

There were many compliments which we treasure and never take for granted.  Here’s a favorite one:

                Every time I need help resolving an issue, my rep is there.  If she is not going to be available, I know ahead of time.  This makes a huge difference.  Customer service is key and GraceBlood has that.  Thank you.” (thank you, Jen)

                It’s nice to have a company that knows a lot about EDI and how it works because we have better things to do.”   (you’re right, Jack)


What GRACEBLOOD Clients are saying...

"A+ service .. I certainly look forward to working with GraceBlood in the future. Thank you very much for a wonderful customer experience."

Justin - Corentelligent - Needham, MA