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AMTROL (www.amtrol.com), based in West Warwick, Rhode Island, has been a world leader in water system solutions since its founding in 1946.  Known for innovation as well as quality and service, Amtrol is proud of its invention of Extrol ®, an expansion tank that controls system pressure in water systems, thus reducing energy consumption.   Their services include well tanks, water heaters, pressure boosters, and chemical containers, for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.  Sales offices are located in Canada, Latin America and Europe.

With twenty-five EDI trading partners (including Home Depot, ACE, Do It Best, Tru Value, and Hajoca) and seven different document types (850, 812, 820, 852, 810, 855, 856,) Amtrol was looking for a world-class EDI system to match their world-class ERP system. 

In 2012 Amtrol implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX with TPC (Trading Post Central from Columbus Global) for more efficient integration of EDI files and easier implementation of new trading partners. Historically, Amtrol had been challenged when adding new types of documents; even modifications to existing documents took a lot of time and coding too. Daily processing had been automated but error processing and validation were both manual.  Validation was especially time-consuming taking even longer when errors had to be researched. 

Concerned about switching managed services providers because of the potential risk to customers during a migration, let alone an ERP implementation, Amtrol chose to stick with the same well-known public company for the customer-facing aspects of the new EDI.  GraceBlood was flexible and implemented TPC for Amtrol with the legacy provider’s theoretically standard integration formats.

Good news:  the AX/TPC solution solved the historical problems.  Stephen Kelly, Director of IT, says:  “TPC has been working very well for my team; we haven’t had really any major issues since go-live 17 months ago!”

Still vexing, however, was frustration with Amtrol’s legacy-managed service provider.  Stephen reports that the provider did not deliver changes and deal with issues in a timely manner, always needing follow-up and making excuses for delays instead of being focused on tasks.  Even resolution with senior managers and management was frustrating and often unsuccessful.  Additionally, Amtrol was frequently fined for missing documents or late documents, fines which added up quickly to hefty charges.

Remembering that GraceBlood had done an outstanding job during the AX/TPC implementation, Stephen contacted GraceBlood for a Managed Services solution, expressing his interest in a migration transparent to customers with no down-time.  He wanted to ensure that GraceBlood would once again be focused on Amtrol’s needs and concerns, providing the high level of support and communication they had already displayed.

The migration to GraceBlood’s Managed Services occurred in January 2014 meeting Amtrol’s requirement of transparency to their customers, no down-time in processing, and no lost documents.  The only adjustment for Stephen’s team since the switch has been that they no longer have to constantly watch for data and transmission errors because all systems are working so well.  Since GraceBlood is monitoring the system so closely, his team finally has time to work on other tasks.

Stephen says that the difference is in the support.  “I have worked with dozens of support people throughout my career and I have to say the GraceBlood team is at the top of my list for best support.  They are always focused on their business and care about me as a customer.”


What GRACEBLOOD Clients are saying...

"Thank you for your excellent work."

Jason - AMTROL - West Warwick, RI