2012 May - ROI from EDI




Here are some things you can do to optimize your EDI/B2B processing and increase your ROI:

1.  Take time to look carefully at all your processes currently being done manually.  Think of those related to transaction processing or reports exchanged with customers, buyers, suppliers, etc. and see which are taking up too much staff time.  Prioritize the list starting with the most time-consuming and routine.  Automating these tasks will result in reducing your risk for human error and will save you money.

2.  Set up error alerts so that you can identify and resolve errors before they become big problems.  Fewer errors mean fewer charge-backs which result in greater profit.

3.  Evaluate whether it makes sense for you to integrate your EDI/B2B processing with your ERP system.  If you are processing more than 20 transactions a day, you should not be re-keying.  By integrating you can more fully realize the benefits and cost savings of EDI.  In addition, you are able to eliminate errors that are inevitably introduced by re-keying data.

4.  Evaluate whether or not your EDI/B2B operations are supporting your business goals on a regular basis.  It's easy to become complacent and not extend the value of your investment and experience.  Lead the way:  Contact your customers and suppliers and invite them to trade electronically with you.  Every time you add an EDI trading partner you increase your ROI.

5.  Don't think about EDI as something your customer or supplier is forcing you to do.  Instead, look at EDI as a way to increase efficiency and enhance trading partner relationships.  Being EDI Capable makes you vastly more attractive to prospective customers.

No surprise but GraceBlood is ready to help you maximize your ROI.  We can help you implement any task on this list.  Ask us how an assessment can help you realize your maximum ROI by understanding your environment, reviewing your current procedures, documenting and analyzing findings and preparing recommendations.

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What GRACEBLOOD Clients are saying...

"GraceBlood has helped automate some of our carton label requirements with certain customers; this has improved efficiency."

Shilpa - Maped/Helix USA - Itasca, IL