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In 1955 Grace Grissom, a young, Knoxville,Tennessee secretary, fulfilled her dream of starting her own business.  With her husband, Herbert, she started Mrs. Grissom's Salads, selling prepared sandwich spreads to local grocery stores.  Soon the business expanded from local neighborhood groceries to what it is today - a regional business selling perishable food to retail outlets in six states:  Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Integrated EDI capability has been a key factor in Mrs. Grissom's growth and development, according to Vice President, Ken Funger.  In 2000 the company was approached by Dollar General who wanted to test the concept of selling perishable food in twenty test stores.  Participating businesses were required to have EDI capability - a new and baffling concept to Mrs. Grissom's at that time.  Ken says that they had "no clue" about EDI and asked their software supplier, an Infor Channel partner, for assistance, thus beginning the long relationship with AMY Grace and Karen Blood.  The EDI experts installed EDI software, integrated to Mrs. Grissom's ERP system, FACTS; worked with Dollar General on requirements and standards; set up translation mapping and communication systems; and trained company staff.  Dollar General's "concept" was successful and Mrs. Grissom's was part of the success story.  Soon their sales to Dollar General increased from twenty stores to one thousand stores.  As Dollar General prepares to open its ten-thousandth store, perishable foods are available in all stores.

Mrs. Grissom's delivers products using their own fleet of trucks.  Drivers use handheld devices to go into stores, write orders, and transfer products from trucks into store coolers or freezers.  Each evening the orders are uploaded into the ERP system and invoices are exported from the system, through the EDI system, and transmitted electronically.  With Mrs. Grissom's large volume of weekly invoices and credit memos, it would be nearly impossible to function without the effiicency and accuracy of EDI invoicing.

Now Mrs. Grissom's sells perishable food to many other major chains.  Without EDI capability they would not be able to sell to 350 Family Dollar stores or Fred Meyer, Kroger, Nash Finch, AWG, Walmart, and others.  Ken says that distributors selling to the major retail food business must utilitize EDI.  For Mrs. Grissom's, customers who require EDI are the majority of their business.

Mrs. Grissom's now approaches the opportunity of expanding their regional market to a more national scope without fear because they can "go in the door" touting their EDI expertise.  Ken says, "I highly recommend GraceBlood's services to anyone who needs to do EDI.  They are always responsive: there has never been a time when I couldn't call and get super-fast resolution of any issue we were having."

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