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Term Definition
Data ElementData Element, The basic unit of information in the EDI standards containing a set of values that represent a singular fact. It may be single-character codes, literal descriptions, or numeric values. For every piece of information a paper document, there is a corresponding data element in the electronic document or transaction set.
Data Element DictionaryData Element Dictionary (X12.3), Defines the data that are used to construct the transaction sets
Data Element LengthData Element Length, The range of the number of character positions available to represent the value of a data element. It may be of variable length and range from minimum to maximum, or it may be of fixed length in which the minimum is equal to the maximum.
Data Element Reference NumberData Element Reference Number, The unique numerical identifier assigned to each data element.
Data Element Requirement DesignatorData Element Requirement Designator, A code defining the need for a data element value to appear in the segment if the segment is transmitted. The X12 codes are mandatory (M), optional (O), or conditional (C).
Data Element SeparatorData Element Separator, A unique character preceding each data element that is used to delimit data elements within a segment. \"*\" is commonly used as the delimiter.
Data Element TypeData Element Type, A data element may be one of six types: numeric, decimal, identifier, string, date, or time.
Data Element, CompositeData Element, Composite Two or more related data items separated by a delimiter character, grouped together to form a unit or piece of information as defined in the data dictionary of a system of EDI Standards, and contained in an EDI message or transaction set.
Data Encryption KeyData Encryption Key (DEK), Used for the encryption of message text and for the computation of message integrity checks (signatures).
Data poolData pool a GDSN-compliant mechanism for trading partners to share and synchronize data. As well as storing product data, a data pool provides the necessary functions and workflow to communicate with the GLOBALRegistry and with other data pools.
Data RateData Rate, The speed at which data is transmitted and received. Usually measured in bits per second (bps).
Data SegmentData Segment, A data segment is an intermediate unit of information in an EDI transaction. It consists of a clearly defined sequence of functionally related data elements.
Data TransferData Transfer, The amount of digital data that is moved from one place to another at a given time. Data transfer includes outbound traffic from a Website, with the exception of e-mail.
DecryptionDecryption The translation of scrambled or secretly coded data at the receiving end of an encrypted transmission (See also Encryption).
Dedicated LineDedicated Line A point-to-point line in a data communication system between two computer devices that is always connected.
Default SettingsDefault Settings Instructions to a computer, automatically establishing standard configurations at the time of logon. They eliminate the need to reconfigure at each sitting.
DelimiterDelimiter A special character used to separate fields of data. The three different delimiters that are used in an EDI file are the segment delimiter, the element delimiter, and the sub-element delimiter.
DESDES Data Encryption Standard. One of a number of standards for securing data during transmission by encrypting it.
Digital CertificateDigital Certificate, An electronic document, issued by a Certificate Authority, used to establish a company\'s identity by verifying its public key; are used in much the same way as conventional forms of identification - such as a driver\'s license or passport - to provide irrefutable evidence of the owner\'s identity and, in some cases, authority in a given transaction. Digital Certificates are issued, managed, and verified by Certificate Authorities.
Digital SignatureDigital Signature, Digital signatures are a method of authenticating the source of a document and/or its author. A common form of digital signatures are Digital Certificates, whereby the issuing company vouches for you and gives you a unique identification that can be verified by a merchant prior to accepting an order.
DISADISA Data Interchange Standards Association. The trade organization that acts as secretariat for ANSI ASC X12 and the Pan-American EDIFACT Board in the United States.
DownloadDownload The process of receiving data from another computer at a remote site onto the computer under the control of the operator.
DUNS NumberDUNS Number A database maintained by Dun and Bradstreet that is used to identify companies to each other and to the U.S. government. The nine-digit DUNS identification sequence, developed and assigned by Dun & Bradstreet, Inc is an internationally recognized common company identifier in EDI and global electronic commerce transactions.

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