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Term Definition
EANEAN, European Article Numbering (EAN) is the European equivalent of a UPS number
EDI CapableEDI Capable, EDI Capable means that you are able to process EDI transactions for your EDI trading partners. This requires having EDI software, an EDI VAN, the correct hardware and EDI maps for translating EDI records into a useable form.
EDI ComplianceEDI Compliance, The ability to send and receive EDI documents in the way that your Trading Partner requires it.
EDI CompliantEDI Compliant, A company is EDI Compliant if it is able to send and receive EDI documents in the various ways its Trading Partners require.
EDI CoordinatorEDI Coordinator, The person responsible for communicating with EDI trading partners and project managing new EDI implementations.
EDI OutsourcingEDI Outsourcing, turning over to a third party the responsibility for EDI software, hardware, communications and personnel.
EDI Service ProvidersEDI Service Providers Third party companies that provide services for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to their clients. Services support the automated exchange of commercial data using EDI between business partners.
EDI TransactionsEDI Transactions Electronic documents transmitted in EDI format according the standards of the EDI trading partner requesting the transactions.
EDI TranslationEDI Translation The conversion of business application data to and from the X12 standard format. For example, to convert an invoice into an X12 standard format, some type of EDI translation software or service is required.
EDI VANEDI VAN (Value Added Network), A service for transmitting EDI that charges by the number and size of transactions.
EDIFACTEDIFACT The United Nations EDI standard; EDI for Administration, Commerce, and Transport:. The Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) serves as the U.S. link with the UN EDIFACT process. The EDIFACT standard is used in the US automotive and industrial supply chains. EDIFACT is the dominate standard in Europe.
Electronic EnvelopeElectronic Envelope An electronic envelope consists of codes that mark the boundaries of electronic documents. The electronic envelope contains EDI documents, sender and receiver information.
ElementElement, A building block in an EDI document. Elements are grouped together to produce segments, which in turn are grouped together to form an EDI document. (Data Element)

Encryption The conversion of data into a form, called a cipher, which cannot be easily intercepted by unauthorized people. Decryption is the process of converting encrypted data back into its original form, so it can be understood.


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