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Term Definition
File Transfer ProtocolFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.
FirewallFirewall, A security system for protecting a server and local area network. A firewall monitors and manages traffic in and out of a network while limiting access to authorized users and programs.
Flat FileFlat File, or interface file, is designed to hold EDI data prior to and following translation or transmission to and from a trading partner.
Functional AcknowledgementFunctional Acknowledgement 997, A transaction set (EDI 997) transmitted by the receiver of an EDI transmission to the sender, indicating receipt and syntactical correctness of the data transmission. The functional acknowledgement is not an acknowledgement of data content.
Functional GroupFunctional Group, A group of similar transaction sets such as four invoices. A functional group has a functional group header segment (GS) and a functional group trailer segment (GE).
Functional Group IdentifierFunctional Group Identifier, The functional group identifier is the first data element of the functional group header segment. The applicable functional group identifier is shown at the top of each message set after the message set name. In cases where no functional group ID is given, the message set assumes the functional group ID of the functional group.

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