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Term Definition
IEAIEA, the last segment sent or received in an EDI transmission. The IEA indicates this is the end of the current transmission.
Interchange Control SegmentsInterchange Control Segments, EDI segments to identify a unique interchange being sent from one sender to one receiver. See ISA and IEA
Interchange Control StructureInterchange Control Structure, X12.5 contains specifications for the control structures (envelope) for the electronic interchange of one or more transaction sets. This standard provides the interchange envelope of a header segment (ISA) and a trailer segment (IEA) for the interchange through data transmission, and provides a structure to acknowledge the receipt and processing of this envelope.
InterfaceInterface, The connection between applications. Interfaces may connect applications within a company or to a company\'s business partners.
Internet ProtocolInternet Protocol (IP), The Network layer protocol on which the Internet is based. IP allows a single connectionless packet exchange. Other protocols, including TCP and UDP use IP to perform their connection-oriented or guaranteed delivery services.
Internet Protocol AddressInternet Protocol (IP) address, The Internet Protocol address is a unique number which is used to represent every single computer in a Network. All the computers on the Internet have a unique IP address.
Invoice 810Invoice 810,  is an electronic version of a paper Invoice or bill. A supplier will use the 810 Invoice to communicate to a buyer the specific items, price, and quantities they have delivered and now must be paid for by the buyer. Payment terms will usually accompany the billing information.
ISAISA, the segment that identifies the sender and receiver of the EDI transmission.

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