GraceBlood focuses on connecting our clients to their trading partners so transactions can pass smoothly, accurately and swiftly from one party’s business management system (ERP) to the other's. Our work is well-defined, well-estimated, and well-executed, resulting in seamless and transparent EDI which maximizes our clients' B2B effectiveness.

Solutions may require add-ons sourced by the client via their ERP software support partners from 3rd parties such as Columbus Global with Trading Post Central (TPC) for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Infor via EDI Alliance with the EDI module(EC) for FACTS.GraceBlood has delivered solutions for every major ERP system from QuickBooks to SAP as well as many custom systems.

Projects may also or solely include software components sourced by GraceBlood from such value-driven best in class developers as Liaison, IBM / Sterling Commerce and numerous others.

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What GRACEBLOOD Clients are saying...

"It’s nice to have a company that knows a lot about EDI and how it works because we have better things to do."


Jack - LSI - Fenton, MO