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B2B Growth Leads to New Adventures

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“You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” is what Roy Scheider famously said in the 1975 film Jaws.  Of course, this is now a well-known euphemism for “we’re going to need more resources,” which brings us to a meeting three decades later.

It was a beautiful spring evening in Atlanta in April of 2011.  Faith Lamprey of Aurora Technologies, Harrisville, Rhode Island, Roger Curtis of Sitcur, Los Angeles, Warren Spiller of JRX Services, Atlanta, were attending the annual meeting of Liaison Technologies’ (now OpenText) reseller partners.  The three of them had been resellers for Softshare’s pioneering EDI mapping and communications software for quite a while, and now Softshare had been acquired by Liaison Technologies, a worldwide provider of B2B integration and data management solutions.

Faith, Roger, and Warren sat in the hotel cocktail lounge, reminiscing about their past experiences over the years, how they enabled their client companies to become EDI compliant from scratch, or helped them to replace outdated EDI software with ECS and Delta, the state-of-the-art software originally developed by Softshare, and now would be an important addition to Liaison’s product line.

They also talked about the future.  Their individual regional approach to marketing our extensive expertise and software had been working well.  They all had solid and successful businesses, but would this be enough to meet the challenges ahead, especially in light of the global marketplace now available to them with Liaison Technologies?   They all agreed that we were “…gonna need a bigger boat,” a new business model with a nationwide presence in which they could share their combined vast EDI and data integration experience and resources, and yet maintain their individuality.  And so, an alliance was born!

And collectively, they became Liaison’s largest reseller with customers around the globe.

Recently Faith Lamprey decided to sell her business (Aurora Technologies/EDI Support, Inc.) to another alliance partner, GraceBlood LLC, based in Baltimore, so that she could accept a full-time position teaching accounting and technology at Providence College.  GraceBlood has retained all of Faith’s staff and customers, and Liaison has heartily approved of the transition.  The newly formed company is well poised to build upon a foundation that has been 20 years in the making.  Current solutions and support services will be expanded with more resources and expertise, while retaining the industry-leading customer satisfaction for which they’re known.  We will surely miss Faith, but we are confident that the GraceBlood team will lead us to new heights.

Faith’s leadership, along with our combined 200 plus years of experience and B2B expertise, has truly fulfilled the vision that we planned on that beautiful spring evening seven years ago.  How can we help you fulfill YOUR vision???

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