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SuiteWorld, NetSuite & Sweet Integration Success

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NetSuite IntegrationGraceBlood has been stalking the SuiteWorld NetSuite conference this week taking place at the Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas.  Oracle’s NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution with roughly 28,000 current customers.  NetSuite offers such functionality as Accounting, Order Management, Inventory Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Good ERP systems tend to evolve rapidly, or they become irrelevant like we have seen with some of the legacy AS400 systems.  We expect NetSuite to continue to meet the needs of an increasingly global market that demands a “just in time” level of supply chain performance.  Just yesterday at SuiteWorld, NetSuite announced several new features being offered to their customers. The highlights included improved accounts payable automation and the addition of Ship Central.  Lastly, there’s a new CPQ utility that will allow organizations to “…quickly configure and price complex products by selecting from a menu of product features and applying customizable business rules,” according to  We love to hear this because it means our clients will benefit from these new features, which then benefits the entire supply chain – from order to cash and procure to pay, with EDI (and GraceBlood) in between.

NetSuite EDI Options

Being one of a handful of select ERP platforms we integrate with and specialize in, NetSuite is a platform that we readily recommend to our clients who are looking to migrate from legacy systems.  And in many cases, these clients are also migrating off old EDI platforms or even better, leaving behind web-based pseudo-EDI solutions in order to integrate their EDI and B2B processing with NetSuite.  If you’re migrating to NetSuite, there is absolutely no reason you should be manually doing order entry.  Our integrated Managed Services EDI and B2B platform is the perfect compliment to your NetSuite implementation.  GraceBlood’s solution can be implemented alongside your ERP migration with little to no downtime.  Our Service Team has a number of options (EDI-to-EDI, API-to-API or EDI-to-API) available to them to make your EDI and ERP migration as painless as possible. Experienced industry experts will work closely with your teams to ensure that the integration meets all the needs of your team and your partners (customers, suppliers, 3PLs).

The Right Integration Tools

For customers and suppliers that you trade documents with via EDI, there are a number of integration connectors and services available.  But most of these clunky and outdated tools will require either a dedicated (salaried) EDI specialist, or an independent contractor that is well-versed in these tools and making them work for the requirements your business may have.  At GraceBlood, we can cut out any (or all) of those other (costly) tools, and using our tailored SuiteScript API Endpoints, along with a few custom fields, simply and easily help you utilize EDI without any of the hassle.  We have custom scripts written for and maintained by GraceBlood to easily handle any ongoing requirements or changes to your business environment.  These scripts can handle any of the standard EDI Documents needed, as well as any custom integration needs.  We can easily implement Punchout Integrations, API 3rd Party Integrations, and any other new bells and whistles that NetSuite may announce this week.

SuiteWorld Perks

Other news coming out of Las Vegas includes a 50% discount for the first 1,000 customers who deploy the AP automation feature.  TechRadar reports that NetSuite’s AP automation feature is, “…the only solution that embeds banking services into a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.”  This is proof that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Not in Vegas?  Check out the virtual options for SuiteWorld, one of which Oracle is even offering free of charge and includes on-demand content through October 26, 2022.  NetSuite’s scalable platform, coupled with GraceBlood’s EDI expertise AND our supply chain visibility dashboard, Syncrofy – the sky seems to be limit for NetSuite users.  In an ever-changing integration tech space, we will act in your best interest and have our best specialists ready to tackle any current or future integrations.  You can bet on it.

Check out our ERP Whitepaper to find out about our ERP partnership options available.

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