The 3 Rs of 2020: Musings of a B2B Survivor

Review Some will say that 2020 was an absolute dumpster fire, but I say that it was a valuable learning experience. What I saw and learned is companies that lead do so by action, thinking outside the box, and leveraging technology to automate, connect, and transform.  Successful companies didn’t wait…

Customer Service is the New Black

Photo credit: Eli Christman Long before the crisis the world finds itself in now, the hospitality industry and really most service industries in general, seemed to have forgotten that the term “customer service” actually means “to serve the needs of the customer.”  Service providers and customers alike had forgotten that…

SBA Assistance

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash. Originally published by and reprinted with permission by our friends at Loren Data. Loren Data Corp. recognizes that many businesses are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Federal, State and Local governments are coordinating their responses and more information is available daily.  To that end, we…