GraceBlood Biography Series: Lisa Crosley

As you may have heard, GraceBlood LLC acquired Aurora Technologies back in October of this year.  We will now be revisiting our Biography Series to include GraceBlood’s amazing team of consultants and today we are featuring Lisa Crosley.  Lisa has been an EDI consultant with GraceBlood for 12 years. She initially worked…

EDI as a Leading Economic Indicator – It’s Getting Hot Out There

Picture appears courtesy of Christian Witte. It’s getting hot out there…and we’re not talking about climate change.  Our garden is not doing well, but that’s a topic for another day. We must be talking about the economy – something is going on. For the past three years now we’ve been getting…

Why Your EDI Processes Should Be Automated

Photo appears courtesy of Phill Dolby. We spend a lot of time each summer trying to streamline and automate as many of our processes and procedures as we can.  It saves time and, if done correctly, makes our data more accurate and timely.  Taking the time to do this is…

SHA-1 vs. SHA-2 Digital Certificates – What’s All the Fuss About?

Photo appears courtesy of F Delventhal. Many of you probably know about the new requirements coming regarding SHA2 digital certificates.  Before we discuss that, let’s first look at SHA-1.  What is SHA-1?  According to Wikipedia, in cryptography, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a cryptographic hash function designed by the United States National Security…

Why We Love Liaison’s Delta/ECS Data Integration Package

Photo appears courtesy of Tony Hisgett. Nowadays, there’s all kinds of products that have multiple uses.  My new favorite kitchen gadget is a flexible spatula/spoon sometimes known as a spoonula, that scraps, stirs, flips and is heat resistant.  Not any ordinary spoon from the dollar store, you need to pay…

Five Common Mistakes When Setting Up an AS2 Connection

Having been deemed the “AS2 Queen” in EDI circles, I thought it would be nice to summarize five of the most common mistakes that I have encountered in working with AS2 connections and support. The AS2 communication protocol for EDI can be a very cost-efficient solution for companies wanting to exchange…