big data analytics

Evolution of Data and the Data Engineer

This blog is being reprinted with permission from OpenText + Liaison Technologies.  Article was written by Ehi Binitie. In the age of big data, most people understand the importance of gathering and using data to make decisions, drive business processes and understand what is happening throughout the entire enterprise. They know…

Dashboard Dreams

Our company serves supply chain clients who operate their own on premises systems for handling EDI activity as well as clients who rely on our managed services for handling some or all such B2B activity. We’ve been exploring how best to leverage the latest technology to deliver useful, actionable information…

The Definitive Guide to the Business Benefits of Digital Transformation

This blog, written by Liaison VP Gary Palgon, is reprinted with permission by Liaison Technologies (now OpenText). Much has been said and written about digital transformation and its benefits. But as companies that have embraced digital transformation continue to be analyzed and studied, patterns emerge and the positive impacts of…

What is Tableau Software and How Does it Relate to EDI?

Photo appears courtesy of Todd Huffman. Data seems to be the be-all-end-all of today’s business world.  We have access to more data than ever before, but no one seems to know what to do with it.  Enter Tableau.  We spent three days in a Tableau class this summer to learn…