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The Need for Speed: Software, Hardware and Everything In Between

Picture appears courtesy of Fritz van Eerd – Hockenheim. A consultant we work with started his software company in 1976 and bought a computer for development.  It had 48K of RAM (that’s ‘K’, not ‘MB’) and 12MB of disk space (that’s ‘MB’, not ‘GB’).   It cost about $70,000.00 (that’s 1976…

Common Misconceptions about On-Premise EDI Software

Photo appears courtesy of William Warby.  I have a customer using a web-based EDI solution and they are just too big for it.  They are currently weighing their options.  But it got me thinking, how many organizations are out there using a solution that is really not working for them?  Reasons why…

Why You Should Upgrade Your EDI Software

Having just recently been through the process of selling software upgrades, we have presented every conceivable reason why this a good idea and have heard every conceivable objection. I myself am guilty of not upgrading! Every time I touch my iPhone I get a message that I haven’t upgraded to…