EDI onboarding

Prioritizing EDI Tasks

Photo appears courtesy of R/DV/RS. Ping! You hear your email and there’s another one of those “New Requirements” emails from one of your trading partners, Perfection Construction.  Yeah, yeah, I’ll look at it later.  You never get to it because you have Evan in Sales breathing down your neck about…

Electronic Trading Profiles for Profit and Fun

Photo appears courtesy of Opensource.com. You have a website, perhaps a line card, business cards, other collateral for your business, yes? And you have or soon will have the capability to exchange business documents with customers, suppliers or other trading partners via EDI or other ways that significantly reduce the…

A CEO’s Guide to Supplier Enablement

Photo appears courtesy of Dan4th Nicholas.  You’ve been doing EDI for years.  You’ve got a phenomenal software package (extra points if it’s Liaison’s Delta/ECS).  Your top 30%, 40%, even 50% of your supply chain is connected through EDI document exchanges.  You have eliminated most manual processes.  And through the use of…

Have You Been a Victim of Supplier Enablement?

Supplier enablement is one of those phrases that typically has the small business owner shaking in his boots.  It normally goes like this…you get an email from your customer that you will be contacted soon by an EDI provider who will “help” you become EDI compliant.  Once you speak to…