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B2B is Not Just EDI Anymore

Photo Credit: Lisa Tozzi. One topic around here that we have been discussing is whether our clients truly know the extent of our capabilities.  I think they all know that we can do old-fashioned vanilla EDI but many do not know that we can also do pistachio and rum raisin,…

Change in EDI is the Only Constant

Photo appears courtesy of Gabriel Villena. The only thing that is constant in EDI is change.  Coming up on 30 years in EDI we’re observing lots of change in our customer’s EDI. Companies are moving to new VAN or adopting AS2 after sometimes decades on one of the older VANS. Along…

How Liaison’s Delta/ECS Solves Integration Challenges

Photo appears courtesy of Lensman.Official. We all know that integrating your EDI is the holy grail of being EDI capable.  But why doesn’t everyone take advantage of integration?  We can talk about expense or lack of staff or any number of issues but the integration itself what I want to focus on…

EDI Everywhere, Every Day…Who Knew?

As we reflect on a very busy 2018, we cannot help but think back to the late 1980s when we were all new to EDI. We had gotten a taste of programming in communications, connecting computers to Telex machines, and companies were clamoring for technicians who could figure out Bisync…

The Back-to-School Supply Chain

Photo appears courtesy of Lyn Lomasi. Ever wonder how all those school supplies make it into the extremely crowded “back to school” area of Walmart?  The process involves a tightly connected network of buyers, suppliers, EDI providers, teachers and 29 million households.  The “back to school” supply chain probably starts sometime…