Five MORE Reasons to be Grateful for EDI Integration

Photo appears courtesy of Eli Christman. Many years ago we published a blog entitled Five Reasons to be Grateful for EDI Integration.  I considered reprinting it, because well, I think it is still relevant today.  But then I thought, there are more than FIVE, so here is a brand-new blog, with five…

Dashboard Dreams

Our company serves supply chain clients who operate their own on premises systems for handling EDI activity as well as clients who rely on our managed services for handling some or all such B2B activity. We’ve been exploring how best to leverage the latest technology to deliver useful, actionable information…

Change in EDI is the Only Constant

Photo appears courtesy of Gabriel Villena. The only thing that is constant in EDI is change.  Coming up on 30 years in EDI we’re observing lots of change in our customer’s EDI. Companies are moving to new VAN or adopting AS2 after sometimes decades on one of the older VANS. Along…

EDI Everywhere, Every Day…Who Knew?

As we reflect on a very busy 2018, we cannot help but think back to the late 1980s when we were all new to EDI. We had gotten a taste of programming in communications, connecting computers to Telex machines, and companies were clamoring for technicians who could figure out Bisync…

EDI + API = Supply Chain Success!

Photo appears courtesy of Morag Riddell. No surprise, today’s most successful supply chain companies are doing more and more business electronically. From a personal consumer perspective, aren’t we all? Industry leaders like Amazon, AutoZone and Walmart understand this and are driven from the boardroom to the warehouse to handle all aspects of business…