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How EDI Unlocks Financial Excellence

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Businessman outsourcing EDI to save moneyA leading wholesale distributor cuts their order processing costs by 30%.

A prominent food and beverage company reduces its FDA compliance-related issues by 40%.

A retailer of consumer packaged goods saw a 25% reduction in chargebacks by improving its order accuracy.

What do these three companies all have in common? All three of them were able to reduce overhead through greater financial mastery, controlling costs to improve their profitability and return on investment without sacrificing quality—in fact, the quality of their goods and services improved!

And, most crucially, all three of these companies accomplished these feats by outsourcing their EDI!

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These three businesses are real businesses that all gained greater mastery over their finances and improved their business operations by partnering with GraceBlood as their outsourced EDI provider, trusting our experts to deliver solutions tailored to the unique circumstances and challenges they faced in their day-to-day operations.

In our latest free eBook, Mastering Financial Excellence with EDI, you’ll follow the journeys taken by these three companies and many more to master their finances, drive up ROI, and vastly improve their business health using EDI. Discover the way EDI can streamline trading partner onboarding, mitigate revenue leakage, prevent chargebacks, and lay a solid foundation for financial transformation:

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How EDI Revolutionizes Financial Operations

For over half a century, EDI—electronic data interchange—has been the gold standard for digitizing and automating business document exchange. While EDI started out as something only large enterprise businesses could make use of, advances in technology since the 70s and 80s have made it a tool that any business, no matter its size, can use—and should!

By reducing the need for manual data entry, EDI automates routine and transactional financial processes, enabling businesses to get more done faster with less risk for manual error. From streamlining order processing and providing a better customer experience to preventing costly errors to even ensuring better compliance with stringent industry regulations, EDI has become a necessity for financial management processes.

However, the biggest gains you see in your financial operations from EDI come when your business outsources its EDI to managed service providers like GraceBlood.

With the help of an MSP implementing and managing a cloud-based EDI solution, you reap the benefits of flexible, scalable EDI expertise that helps you adapt to changing transaction volumes and evolving business needs in a changing industry landscape.

Reaping the Benefits of Outsourced EDI for Finance Professionals

By streamlining EDI integration, outsourcing EDI allows finance professionals to focus on strategy and commit to continuous improvement. Finance professionals who outsource EDI free up their organizations from having to invest in and maintain their dedicated EDI infrastructure, saving on costs of capital as well as ongoing maintenance while freeing up everybody in the organization to focus on higher-value work that furthers core business operations.

Improving Trading Partner Onboarding

By consistently automating onboarding processes, outsourced EDI facilitates efficient communication between your organization and trading partners across your supply chain, making it easy to maintain relationships with current partners and begin exciting relationships with new ones. Finance professionals who take full advantage of outsourced EDI will improve their organizations’ operational agility and competitiveness.

Reducing Revenue Leakage

Proactive EDI solutions make it easy for finance professionals to identify, prevent, and mitigate revenue leakage across their operations. Causes such as chargebacks, pricing errors, and inventory discrepancies can all be minimized with the help of the automation and standardization delivered by an outsourced EDI solution.

Improved Regulatory and Partner Compliance

By standardizing data and minimizing the risks of manual errors cropping up, outsourced EDI even makes it easier for organizations to ensure compliance with strict industry regulations as well as the complex and varied requirements and standards of their trading partners, leading to fewer penalties, more revenue, and a more positive ROI.

GraceBlood – Outsourced EDI Solutions to Master Your Finances

Today, outsourced EDI has become absolutely essential for empowering finance professionals to lead their organizations on a path of continuous improvement. With our new free eBook, you’ll dive even deeper into the benefits of outsourced EDI for financial mastery with countless examples of real businesses who saw tangible financial improvements and return on investment. You’ll also find plenty of actionable advice from GraceBlood’s team of EDI experts for maximizing the positive results of EDI outsourcing.

For 20 years, GraceBlood has set the standard for helping businesses of all shapes and sizes find a right-sized EDI solution that solves their unique business challenges and help them compete in the large retail space. From training and design to a fully customized solution, we’re here to help with end-to-end service and support.

If you have any further questions after reading our new eBook on how EDI can empower your financial mastery, reach out to our EDI experts today.

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