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Simplify your business with the most stable and robust EDI Value-Added Network (VAN).

A value-added network (VAN) enables you to easily and securely exchange EDI between your company and your trading partners… when it works.

Can you rely on your VAN, rain or shine? Can your VAN support all of the EDI and non-EDI document formats your trading partners use? Can you access your data quickly whenever you need it, even if your data is years old? Can you easily manage your own VAN communications? Who can you rely on when your VAN breaks down on the side of the road?

Your business deserves better than a clunky, unreliable EDI VAN. With GraceBlood, your VAN traffic is always moving and you’re in control.

The best Value-Added Network for EDI users. Period.

Manage your EDI VAN traffic with confidence. Our battle-tested systems, with over 400,000 global trading relationships, have the proven scalability & service levels you expect from a contemporary VAN in today’s market. Our EDI VAN features open Web Service APIS, fully cloud-enabled architecture with 99.995% uptime over the last 5 years, and a rock-solid stable of legacy connectivity options.

Unparalleled Support

Support is available when you need it, so you can always get the help you need. Relying on us to monitor your traffic 24/7/365 means you won’t waste time on incessant outages and data recovery.

Easy to Use

With our user-friendly portal, it has never been easier to view traffic and manage your own mailbox. Oh, and did we mention that it automatically monitors your traffic and alerts you to any issues?

Maximize Profits

Save time, money, and energy by streamlining your EDI communications. Easily add new partners, reduce costs, and improve cash flow by using one centralized VAN platform.

EDI VAN provider - GraceBlood LLC

The high availability and managed connectivity you and your partners expect.

We can do it all, and you’ll only pay for what you need.

EDI VAN Provider - GraceBlood


Speak to an Expert

Speak with one of our integration specialists to get a free assessment of your needs. We’ll ask the right questions and make sure we understand what you need most.


Design and Sign

Your solution will be crafted to handle the entire round trip transaction flow with your trading partners.


Partner and Grow

With your tailored solution, your business will grow and we’ll be there to support and expand as your needs increase.

Expect the best from us – we deliver.

By delivering a seamless and personalized experience for every customer, we are building the most trusted supply chain in the world.

“GraceBlood helps ensure our myriad B2B projects are successful. Our mutual project teams work so well together which made for an especially smooth VAN migration.”

– Sabarish Nair, Head of Supply Chain Systems, Block (formerly Square) –

Are you ready to start saving time and money today?

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