The Impact of Predatory EDI Providers on SMBs

In our free whitepaper, we point out the warning signs of EDI providers who don’t have the best interests of small and medium sized businesses at heart, so you can make the best decisions about outsourced EDI for your organization.

Small and medium sized businesses need EDI to stay competitive and seize advantages in a fast-moving supply chain environment, but some EDI providers don’t just make it hard to reap the benefits of EDI—they actually work to hold businesses back.

Monopolistic behavior, exorbitant fees, lack of transparency—all hallmarks of predatory EDI providers that focus on enriching themselves at the expense of their clients. Our new whitepaper dives deep into the behaviors of these providers and the effects it can have on SMBs, including:

  • What makes an EDI provider predatory
  • The negative effects of predatory EDI providers on their clients
  • How the EDI industry can shut out these predatory practices and contribute to a fairer, more transparent, more equitable business environment

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