What happens when ERP providers stretch themselves too thin?

For your clients, EDI integration is more necessary than ever to overcome the trials and tribulations of the modern supply chain—but your specialty is providing strategic ERP solutions, not EDI. Try to do both, and you could end up neglecting your core offerings and competencies—causing both you and your clients to miss out on growth opportunities and lose your competitive edges.

Having an EDI partner you can trust means you don’t always have to be an ERP provider who “does it all.”

EDI and ERP belong together—so do ERP providers and EDI partners.

Your expertise is in connecting your clients to the Enterprise Resource Planning solutions they need to stay competitive in their industry. When you partner up with leading EDI managed service specialists, you free up your time and resources to focus exclusively on what you do best and ensure the success of your ERP projects—while your clients get the best of both worlds.

Discover the Power of a Reliable Cloud EDI Partner

Our VelociLink™ cloud EDI services provide tailored EDI integration capabilities to businesses of all shapes and sizes across wholesale, e-commerce, process manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and beyond.

Holistic Integration with Business Processes

While you consolidate your clients’ internal business functions, we unite your clients with their suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Together, EDI and ERP help your clients achieve seamless communication and connection within and without.

Streamlined Data Processing, Cost Efficiency, and Growth

When we work together, your clients can use EDI and ERP to their full potential to speed up data processing and make better decisions faster. Meanwhile, your operations become more cost-effective and you and your clients unlock new opportunities for growth.

Improved Compliance and Standardization

When you offer your clients a trusted third-party EDI solution like VelociLink™, they receive solutions that simplify their adherence to regulatory requirements, especially in strictly regulated industries such as healthcare, food, and finance.

Better Customer and Supplier Relations

Efficient communication is the cornerstone of strong customer and supplier relationships. When your clients enjoy comprehensive EDI capability, they find it easier to maintain positive business relationships and create new ones.

Discover the value reliable cloud EDI brings to ERP solution providers:

We deliver EDI integration to ERP platforms of all shapes and sizes, including leading solutions such as:


Transform your Acumatica ecosystem with real-time, error-free data exchange to optimize your clients’ supply chain.


Break down the walls within your clients’ enterprise ecosystems and the barriers separating them from trading partners.

Dynamics 365 F&O

Streamline global trade compliance and financial operations through automated, secure transaction processing.


Maximize the potential of your unified business management suite by unlocking a new level of efficiency and visibility.


Simplify complex financial management with flawless data synchronization and reporting accuracy.

Case Study: EDI Integration with Canopy ERP

As an EDI partner, the GraceBlood team has extensive experience integrating cloud EDI capabilities into ERP environments of all types. In this case study, we helped Aspen Systems, author of the all-in-one Canopy ERP system used throughout the food and beverage distribution sector, transition its clients to modern EDI solutions fully integrated into their ERP platform.

As a result, Aspen Systems has been able to devote the full extent of its resources to developing Canopy ERP while GraceBlood provides full-service EDI support to its clients.

Aspen Systems’ beautiful new facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo above courtesy of Aspen Systems, Inc.

Make the right choice of EDI partner.

By committing to scalability and flexibility in our managed EDI services, we grow with you and your clients and change the shape of our solutions to reflect their evolving short-term and long-term goals for business success.

Reach out to us today to get started:

ERP-EDI Partnership FAQ

GraceBlood is focused solely on providing cloud EDI managed services, enabling us to devote our entire body of resources toward developing and maintaining bespoke EDI implementation solutions for each of our clients. In other words, we focus exclusively on EDI so you can focus exclusively on ERP.

Every business is different and deserves more than a one-size-fits-all approach to EDI implementation. We use a six-step process to ensure that our solutions meet the unique needs and fit the circumstances of each client and provide them with useful capabilities to expand their trading partner community and grow their business:

  • Gather pertinent information
  • Analyze project materials, goals, and project steps
  • Design, configure, and test EDI solutions
  • Go live
  • Evaluate whether all objectives have been met or if any changes should be made
  • Tune up the EDI implementation as needed

We intend for our relationships with ERP partners and their clients to be symbiotic, long-term relationships. We provide comprehensive assistance in helping you and your clients transition to new EDI implementations and make the most of your new capabilities. From training to technical support, as long as you and your clients rely on our EDI solutions, we do whatever it takes to ensure you have the EDI capability required to thrive in your industry.

Every EDI integration process is different. We start by thoroughly assessing and reviewing our clients’ existing systems, capabilities, and constraints, including the architecture and features of their ERP systems of choice, and approach each implementation as a unique project with its own starting point and objective.

Our EDI solutions are fully based in the cloud and make use of leading cloud platforms to ensure the greatest possible uptime for our EDI solutions. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, it’s easy to scale up or scale down the capabilities of our custom EDI solutions to reflect our clients’ changing needs.