CLOUD VS. ON-PREMISE: Cost Benefit Analysis

Make the smartest decisions for your business. With our cost-benefit analysis advice eBook, we’ll show you how to confidently choose the EDI solution that gets the most ROI for your business.

Which is better: in-house EDI implementation or cloud-based EDI?

Figuring out the right answer to that question is important to forging a path of growth for your business that matches its unique situation, needs, and goals for the future—and requires a careful look at the costs and benefits of each option.

In our free eBook, we’ll walk you through best practices for breaking down costs and benefits of different EDI implementation and measuring ROI so you can confidently make the right decision for your business.

  • Break down ROI for EDI and B2B integration programs
  • Learn how to categorize costs and benefits of cloud and on-premise EDI
  • Learn about perceived value and how to best audit internal and external
  • solutions
  • Leverage KPIs and NCB to determine the ROI for your EDI solution options
  • …And more!

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