Is providing ERP and EDI solutions putting too much on your plate?

Keeping up with both your client’s ERP needs and the complex world of EDI can cause you to lose focus on what you do best – ERP solutions.

From wholesale distribution to ecommerce and beyond, CloudSuite helps you connect your clients to the powerful cloud-based ERP solution and API connections that optimize their business and free up your resources for enterprise initiatives.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. Partner with an experienced CloudSuite EDI provider and stay focused on your fastball.

What happens when Infor CloudSuite partners stretch themselves too thin?

Has this happened to you? You’re an Infor CloudSuite partner, serving your customer’s need for ERP integration and ecommerce integration. But you also need to help your client with their industry’s various EDI demands.

Putting too many resources into EDI is taking time and resources away from your core ERP offerings, and your business and client relationship may be suffering as a result.

See if the consequences of overextending your bandwidth sound familiar to you:

Neglecting Your Core Offerings

When you’re in the weeds with EDI, you can’t devote enough time to the core CloudSuite partner services you actually excel at, causing…

Client Dissatisfaction

55-75% of ERP project fail because the client’s ERP providers spread their resources too thin. And when this happens…

Failure to Grow

When you can’t excel at your core offerings and satisfy your client, you miss out on client referrals for your ERP integration services and your clients miss out on growth opportunities.

Infor CloudSuite Partners plus EDI expertise equals mutual success!

Nobody wins when your ERP integration services have to do double duty with meeting your client’s complex EDI needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone and risk stretching your valuable resources, time, and customer relationships too thin.

Our team of EDI professionals at GraceBlood have extensive experience working with Infor CloudSuite partners like you. While you handle your clients’ process manufacturing ERP software, B2B ecommerce solutions, and other aspects of ERP system integration, we deliver the seamless, streamlined EDI integration you and your clients need.

You’re not alone with GraceBlood.

Focus on Your Core Product

It’s not feasible for ERP providers to be a true ERP/EDI one-stop shop. But with GraceBlood’s EDI expertise at your side, you can offer your skills as a CloudSuite partner and leave EDI to us. Avoid the “jack of all trades, master of none” syndrome so many providers end up struggling to overcome.

Strengthen Your Client Relationship

Now that you can focus solely on CloudSuite ERP integration and support your clients’ full tech stacks, you can unlock more cross-selling opportunities and lower your attrition rates, making it easier to keep the clients you have and take on new ones.

Unlock Cross Marketing Opportunities

75% of buyers say case studies are the most effective B2B marketing content. With a CloudSuite ERP/EDI partnership, you’ll have more material than ever before to develop cross-marketing materials like case studies, blogs, eBooks, and webinars that can attract new clients and grow your business.

Inspire Your Clients

When you take advantage of an ERP/EDI partnership to deliver demonstrated ROI to your clients and improve their supply chain process, you inspire them to be more receptive to future advances in supply chain technology and automation, empowering them to grasp a brighter future.

EDI Partnerships Deliver Value to ERP Solution Providers Whitepaper

When ERP providers and EDI integrators work together, you unlock incredible synergy that helps you and your clients grow. To learn more, check out our free whitepaper, “EDI Partnerships Deliver Value to ERP Solution Providers.

When it comes to successful ERP implementation and ecommerce ERP integration, two heads are better than one.

For industries including B2B wholesale ecommerce, process manufacturing, and beyond, working together is the key to successfully combining ERP and EDI support as an Infor CloudSuite partner.

Whatever your and your ERP client’s specific needs are, we have the skills and the resources to solve your complex CloudSuite EDI integration challenges, freeing you up to focus on more strategic endeavors so you and your clients can both grow and flourish.

We’ll take care of EDI so you can do your best work to help your clients make the most out of the Infor CloudSuite API, process manufacturing ERP software, B2B ecommerce solutions, ERP system integrations, and beyond.

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