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What are the pitfalls of EDI implementation?

EDI implementation is hard work, and there’s a lot that can go wrong.

If you’re struggling with implementing EDI standards in your business and looking for EDI providers who can help, you’ve probably heard horror stories of EDI services providers forcing “solutions” onto their clients that don’t fit their business needs, that don’t launch on-time or on-budget, or that just don’t deliver on their promises.

At GraceBlood, we developed our GADGET Methodology to ensure that every step of the way, our clients’ EDI implementation project plan is an adventure with a happy ending, not a cautionary tale.

The perils of subpar EDI implementation

A subpar EDI implementation strategy can cost you in more ways than one. Whether it’s a due to a provider whose plan for integrating EDI with your business doesn’t work for your business or due to your in-house EDI compliance team, poor EDI integration and implementation can have severe negative effects on your business:

  • EDI implementation runs over-time and over-budget, costing you money and resources.
  • Integration issues drag on for months, leading to inefficiencies in your supply chain, unhappy trading partners, and lower customer satisfaction.
  • Inflexible contracts with EDI providers that lock you into solutions that don’t fit your business needs.
  • Poor visibility into your company’s EDI processing means you miss out on crucial day-to-day insights in your supply chain.
  • A backlog in new partner onboarding leads to you missing out on new business opportunities.
  • Your competitors beat you out, costing you millions in potential revenue and preventing you from growing your business.

We’ve designed our own EDI implementation methodology from the ground up to make certain that these things don’t happen to you.

Say goodbye to frustrating EDI implementation with GADGET.

Our GADGET Methodology is the only EDI implementation methodology that ensures success.

Launch On-Time

GraceBlood gets you up and running up to 50% faster than other providers, saving you valuable time and money.

As every EDI project is unique, each team is formed to meet your specific needs to get you up and running quickly.

No Surprises

Our GADGET Methodology involves thoughtful and thorough strategizing upfront to make certain that nothing that happens during the EDI implementation process that you aren’t prepared for.

Within Budget

Through our GADGET EDI implementation methodology, we take in careful consideration all of the resources you have at your disposal, everything you need, and everything we can provide for you without running over your budget considerations.

91% of our clients surveyed have stated that the GADGET methodology is fundamental to their EDI project success.

What is GraceBlood’s streamlined EDI implementation process?

GADGET is a six-step process that provides you with a bespoke EDI implementation solution. With GADGET as the foundation of your company’s EDI integration, you can expand your trading partner community and grow your business with ease.


Collect all the pertinent information, specs, samples & business processes


Review all project materials, define the desired future state, and identify the steps to reach it


Design, configure, and test the solution


Flip the switch, activate all desired integrations, and notify trading partners


Determine whether your objectives have been met and if any changes need to be made


Continue to streamline your EDI implementation utilizing actionable data

EDI integration process - GraceBlood LLC

EDI implementation project plan - GraceBlood LLC

Fully managed

With your customized EDI solution in place, your digital supply chain will be handled with excellence, expertise, and efficiency.

Cloud based

Cloud based EDI solutions are an incredible asset to your business. You focus on your business while we handle the transformation & transport of data between you and your supply chain.

Mitigated risk

We effectively become your EDI department. We solve any issues and changes before they impact your supply chain.

Less effort. More growth.

Get up and running quickly with GADGET.

Man implementing EDI seamlessly


Speak to an Expert

Speak with one of our integration specialists to get a free assessment of your needs. We’ll ask the right questions and make sure we understand what you need most.


Design and Sign

Your solution will be capable of keeping pace with today’s ever changing global marketplace.


Partner and Grow

With your tailored solution, your business will grow and we’ll be there to support and expand as your needs increase.

Expect the best from us – we deliver.

By delivering a seamless and personalized experience for every customer, we are building the most trusted supply chain in the world.

“The transition of EDI services for our customers to GraceBlood has gone extremely well. GraceBlood does an excellent job of meeting our customer’s EDI requirements.”

– Lisa Lawrence, Aspen Systems, Inc. –

Enjoy a consistent, reliable experience every time.

No matter your company’s unique situation, our GADGET EDI implementation methodology ensures that your EDI plan works best for you and will continue to do so in the future.

Are you ready to start saving time and money on EDI implementation—and spare yourself the headaches?

Yes! I’m ready to start saving time and money today!

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