What is VelociLink?

Staying on top of your business’ EDI requirements and those of your trading partners is hard work. It’s all too easy to end up feeling as though, rather than EDI working for you, you’re working for EDI.

Implementing and maintaining EDI hardware and software on your own can be challenging if your team doesn’t have extensive experience in EDI. Compliance and implementation issues can end up costing you time, money, and business.

Enter VelociLink™: GraceBlood’s answer to cloud EDI managed services. Managed EDI means less of your resources going toward in-house EDI specialists and infrastructure, helping you meet the ever-changing demands of your supply chain and freeing up bandwidth to grow your business more than ever before.

Why do you need VelociLink™ managed EDI services?

GraceBlood offers a comprehensive package of tools and expertise at three different levels to maintain the EDI requirements for your business and trading partners, freeing you up from having to budget for in-house EDI specialists and the implementation and maintenance of EDI software. Whether you choose Essentials, Extended or Enterprise – we’ve got you covered.

VelociLinkManaged EDI services shift the responsibility of EDI away from your company to a team of EDI experts and cloud-based platform capable of providing, implementing, and maintaining the right EDI tools and standards for your business and responding reliably and quickly to disruptions and downtime.

Improved order
accuracy and speed

In the modern world, your trading partners expect the exchange of electronic documents meeting their EDI standards to happen without delay.

Cloud-based EDI managed services mean you can act on order requests, invoices, and other documents quickly and without risk of manual errors.

Reduced order-to-cash
cycle times

With a managed EDI services provider putting their knowledge and toolsets to work for you, you can receive, process, manage, and complete your customers’ orders faster.

This means you can do more business and make more money in a shorter time, enabling you to do more with less.

Strengthen trading
partner relationships

Being able to efficiently meet your trading partner’s own standards for EDI and process their orders and invoices quickly and easily will make them more willing to continue doing business with you and will help you build relationships with future trading partners as well, enabling you to better grow your business.

Transform your order fulfillment process from a cost into a finely tuned investment.

See what you’re missing

Our dashboard tools provide real-time visibility across the entire order lifecycle, helping you increase speed to market, reduce cost of processing orders, and improve accuracy.

Ship faster

With customers expecting orders to be processed immediately, vendors that process orders manually or with outdated tech are falling behind. Cut your cycle time by 60% with GraceBlood.

Accelerate Growth

EDI should work for you rather than the other way around. Our fully managed cloud-based services provide scalable solutions that grow with you.

Fully managed

We handle your digital supply chain with excellence, expertise, and efficiency.

Cloud based

You focus on your business–we handle the flow of data between you and your supply chain.

Mitigated risk

We become your EDI department, solving issues before they impact your supply chain.

Real-time visibility

Our customizable dashboards put all your data at your fingertips in an easy-to-read format.

Spend more time selling & less time integrating.

With GraceBlood, ERP integration is painless.

Featuring (but not limited to):

We have your trading partners’ specs and communication protocols on-hand and will work with your ERP partner to establish a seamless integration.

Outsourcing isn’t always easy, but we make it simple.

Our bespoke, tried-and-true onboarding strategy makes outsourcing your EDI needs to our cloud-based EDI managed services provider as easy as 1-2-3!

Speak to an expert about Supply Chain Analytics from GraceBlood


Speak to an Expert

Speak with one of our integration specialists to get a free assessment of your needs. We’ll ask the right questions and make sure we understand what you need most.


Design and Sign

Your solution will be crafted to handle the entire round trip transaction flow with your trading partners.


Partner and Grow!

With your tailored solution, your business will grow and we’ll be there to support and expand as your needs increase.

Expect the best from us – we deliver.

By delivering a seamless and personalized experience for every customer, we are building the most trusted supply chain in the world.

“Honest and reliable. They understand what we need from them and they deliver… everyday!”

– Connor Higgins, GS Battery –

“The transition of EDI services for our customers to GraceBlood has gone extremely well. GraceBlood does an excellent job of meeting our customer’s EDI requirements.”

– Lisa Lawrence, Aspen Systems, Inc. –

“They are a go-to for EDI, support with unparalleled professionalism & efficiency.”

– Cindy Edburg, Pioneer Industrial –

Are you ready to start saving time and money today?

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