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What Do Smooth Jazz and Efficient EDI Systems Have in Common?

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Here at GraceBlood we’re all about jazz-based business. Really! Smooth jazz that is, where clients’ supply and fulfillment transactions flow seamlessly and melodically over integrated EDI & other B2B systems. Smooth jazz, building a downtempo of humming business activity that leaves the key players (humans) free to focus on bigger business challenges. It takes a great deal of coordination and commitment to get to such a point, but the resulting vibe is well worth it.

These days the beautiful sounds are swelling – we are seeing broader use of EDI & B2B integration as clients seek to optimize and leverage their existing investments, just as their partners both up and down the supply chain also do and demand the same. Added to that, competitors throw down their own challenges.

For example, this year, besides the usual jazz of Supply Chain EDI and migrating ERP systems, our clients have expanded their repertoire to implement systems with EDI and other integrated documents to:

  • Use inbound sales orders to not only make an order in the ERP but to:
    • Fire off internal warehouse mgmt/picking,
    • Initiate 3PL warehouse fulfillment, or
    • Special order POs, and
    • Sometimes all three
  • Report such orders or the resulting sales to a 3rdparty broker or sales representative
    • Manage shipments with internal or 3rdparty transportation management systems
    • Report progress on special order fulfillments for retailers like Lowes
    • Address interstate business transaction reporting requirements
    • Handle limited EDI capabilities from global suppliers

Smooth jazz and efficient EDI systems require the right players with the right instruments and an abiding interest in getting the sound just right. Our team is well-rehearsed with backgrounds in distribution, fulfillment, ERP and IT as well as EDI. We play a variety of instruments including fine pieces like Liaison’s Delta/ECS software package. We perform gigs within our clients’ premises or stream offsite from our own. We work closely with our clients’ players to fuse the right harmony and are available to lead or join in to the extent desired. We play with the finest guest artists to learn and incorporate new riffs.

What are you hearing from your business? What do you want to hear? Perhaps this seasonal example might bring a smile and some fresh ideas for Jazzing YOUR Business:

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