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EDI and Halloween: 7 Reasons They’re Closer than You Think

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For our blog this week, we thought we would do a fun one in the spirit of Halloween.  We have come up with seven things that EDI and Halloween have in common.  Enjoy our list and try not to eat too much candy.

  1. EDI and Halloween are both scary.
  2. They both have tricks and treats.
  3. They both turn relatively normal people into witches and trolls.
  4. They both involve copious amounts of chocolate or alcohol, sometimes both.
  5. They both sometimes involve charge backs (remember when your parents raided your take for the night?)
  6. Speaking of, big thank you to Walmart, for cheap costumes, cheap candy and EDI mandates.
  7. Lastly, EDI and Halloween both involve séances (we have all tried to contact Edward Guilbert to thank him for getting us into this mess.)

Happy Halloween from the Aurora EDI Alliance!  Stay safe…

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