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GraceBlood Biography Series: Lisa Crosley

Topics: AS2, B2B integration, EDI, EDI provider

As you may have heard, GraceBlood LLC acquired Aurora Technologies back in October of this year.  We will now be revisiting our Biography Series to include GraceBlood’s amazing team of consultants and today we are featuring Lisa Crosley.  Lisa has been an EDI consultant with GraceBlood for 12 years. She initially worked with GraceBlood as a client EDI coordinator so when her company closed their US distribution operation, Karen and AMY wasted no time in bringing Lisa on board.

Lisa grew up in a suburban area halfway between Washington DC and Baltimore.  After marrying her high school sweetheart and moving to Virginia, she began working in the wholesale business.  Like many of us, EDI just fell into her lap.  All these years later, now an experienced EDI and B2B consultant, she loves to continue to hone her skills and learn new tricks.  Professionally, Lisa is known for her strong problem-solving skills and her experience working with various communication channels. She loves to think outside the box when tackling a challenge and remembers how much she enjoyed learning how to map an EDI document from an Excel file.  As for the clients, they enjoy working with Lisa because of her warm and friendly nature.

On the personal side, she has been married for 20 years and is raising three children, two of whom are twins.  Still in Virginia, she volunteers her time to local parks, a resource she believes to be very valuable to children, and together with her husband has even renovated an old farmhouse!  Other times you can also find her racing canoes in New York, a 40-year tradition in her family, and has even won first place several times. Another hobby of Lisa’s is photography – she loves to capture all of the adventures she has with her family from camping to kayaking and everything in between.  On her bucket list is to learn more about the art of photo taking.  When asked how she wants to be remembered, her response was, “…someone who is kind and compassionate, and finds happiness in small things.”

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