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Dashboard Dreams

Our company serves supply chain clients who operate their own on premises systems for handling EDI activity as well as clients who rely on our managed services for handling some or all such B2B activity. We’ve been exploring how best to leverage the latest technology to deliver useful, actionable information…

Prioritizing EDI Tasks

Photo appears courtesy of R/DV/RS. Ping! You hear your email and there’s another one of those “New Requirements” emails from one of your trading partners, Perfection Construction.  Yeah, yeah, I’ll look at it later.  You never get to it because you have Evan in Sales breathing down your neck about…

Too Many Cooks in the EDI Kitchen

Photo appears courtesy of Les Roches Global Hospitality Education. We have spent many years implementing and supporting EDI solutions from Liaison Technologies with both private and public companies, including the military. There is often a “the more the merrier” philosophy when it comes to getting people involved in conference calls…

EDI Application Upgrade: A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Photo appears courtesy of brownpau. How many times have you scheduled to do an EDI application upgrade only to find out you have not met all of the requirements the day of the upgrade or that users were not informed that the system would be unavailable during upgrade time? The…