Supplier Enablement

B2B is Not Just EDI Anymore

  One topic around here that we have been discussing is whether our clients truly know the extent of our capabilities.  I think they all know that we can do old-fashioned vanilla EDI but many do not know that we can also do pistachio and rum raisin, too!  And by…

Streamline Your EDI Transactions with Electronic Trading Profiles

Updated July 7, 2023 You’ve taken your first steps as a small business owner—you have a website, business cards, a line card, and other collateral for your business. You’ve implemented or will soon implement some degree of EDI capability. Your next step is to put that EDI to use with…

A CEO’s Guide to Supplier Enablement

Photo appears courtesy of Dan4th Nicholas.  You’ve been doing EDI for years.  You’ve got a phenomenal software package (extra points if it’s Liaison’s Delta/ECS).  Your top 30%, 40%, even 50% of your supply chain is connected through EDI document exchanges.  You have eliminated most manual processes.  And through the use of…